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This page is meant to inform the citizens!!  The most difficult part of being informed is knowing the information exists and is available.  I do not fear citizens being informed!!  I appreciate them!! 

City Budget

CLICK:  General Fund Revenue Summary received within the August 10, 2009 Council Packet submitted by the City Auditor dated July 30, 2009.  This information includes the 2009 Budgeted Operating amount, actual year to date (June 30, 2009) amount, and the projected year-end revenues.  These projections reflect a $1,151,050 revenue shortfall.  (8/8/09)

  Pre-Audit Meeting held April 23, 2009 at the Municipal Building for the City of Portsmouth 2008 Audit; January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008.  (4/24/09)

  Final City of Portsmouth 2009 Operating Budget.  (4/11/09)

CLICK:  Proposed City of Portsmouth 2009 Capital Improvement Budget (3/31/09)
CLICK:  #09-010 Letter to the Mayor dated April 6, 2009 informing of questions and comments concerning the proposed 2009 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget.  (4/6/09)
CLICK:  RESPONSE from the Mayor dated April 20, 2009.  (4/24/09)
CLICK:  RESPONSE from the Auditor dated April 27, 2009.  (4/28/09)

CLICK:   FY 2008 End of Year Financial Report (Cash Basis) supplied by the Auditor within the March 9, 2009 Council Packet.  (3/7/09)

Ordinance to make appropriation for the current expenses and other expenditures of the City of Portsmouth, Ohio, beginning January 1, 2009 and ending December 31, 2009, as provided for in Section 49 of the Charter of the City of Portsmouth, Ohio.

CLICK:   Council Letter #09-08
CLICK:    2009 Operating Budget (Draft) supplied to Council in the January 26, 2009 Council Packet.  (2/7/09)
CLICK:    Memo with revised 2009 Operating Budget Information from the Mayor dated February 5, 2009.  (2/7/09)
PASSED (2/23/09)

CLICK:   2007 Single Audit Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs with the Management Letter.  (9/23/08)

CLICK:    2007 Single Audit of the City of Portsmouth for the period of January 1 through December 31, 2007 released and certified September 11, 2008 by Auditor of State Mary Taylor.  (9/23/08)

CLICK:    Memo from the Auditor dated August 13, 2008 concerning Scioto County Budget Commission meeting. (8/24/08)

CLICK:    Copy of email from Auditor dated August 15, 2008 regarding the proposed Charter change with spending limitations. 8/24/08)

CLICK:    The proposed 2008 Capital Improvements Budget dated April 18, 2008.  (4/22/08)

CLICK:    REVISED 2008 General Fund Projected Revenue submitted February 8, 2008 from the Auditor to the Mayor.  (2/9/08) 

CLICK:    Memo from the Civil Service Commission dated January 16, 2008 requesting additional monies for testing in 2008.  (2/9/08)

CLICK:   REVISED Budget expenditures submitted by the Mayor prior to the January 14, 2008 Regular City Council Meeting.  (1/16/08)

CLICK:    REVISED Projected General Fund Revenue Summary for the 2008 Operating Budget submitted by the Auditor January 14, 2008.  (1/16/08)

CLICK:   REVISED Proposed 2008 Operating Budget for Council deliberation and approval delivered for the January 14, 2008 Regular City Council Meeting.  (1/13/08)

CLICK:   Conference Meeting Overview for December 27, 2007.  (1/13/08)

CLICK:   2007 Year End Review as prepared by the Public Service Director for the Department of Public Service - City of Portsmouth submitted to City Council with the January 14, 2008 City Council Packet.   (1/13/08)
****Thanks Director Murphy for your efforts to inform the public with the year end review and encouraging communication & support for the 2008 Goals and Objectives!!!!!  (1/13/08)

CLICK:   Single Audit for the City of Portsmouth from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006 performed by Caudill & Associates, CPA's of Portsmouth, Ohio.  (This link goes to Ohio State Auditor's Site - This Audit contains 215 pages)  (12/13/07)  

CLICK:   Management Letter dated June 22, 2007 from Caudill & Associates, CPA's to City Council concerning noncompliance citations identified within the 2006 Audit of the City of Portsmouth finances.  (12/13/07)  

CLICK:   Proposed 2008 Operating Budget for Council deliberation and approval delivered December 7, 2007.  (12/8/07) 

CLICK:   Memo from the City Auditor dated November 27, 2007 concerning the 2006 Audit Released by the State of Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor.  (12/8/07)

CLICK:   Auditor Memo dated October 1, 2007 to the Mayor and copied to Council concerning projected 2008 Revenues for the General Fund, Enterprise Fund, all other funds including estimated carryover balances.  (10/7/07)

CLICK:   Auditor supplied information dated September 20, 2007 concerning the General Fund Revenue August 2006 and August 2007.  (10/7/07)

CLICK:   City of Portsmouth 2007 Mid-Year Revenue Financial Summary (Cash Basis) supplied to Council at the September 10, 2007 Regular City Council Meeting by the City Auditor.  (9/13/07)

CLICK:   City of Portsmouth 2007 Operating Budget.  (9/9/07)

CLICK:   Portsmouth Engineering Department 2007 CIP Budget update. (4/7/07)

CLICK:   Copies of letters to Council from the Mayor dated March 26, 2007 for City Departments requesting monies for the 2007 Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).  (3/23/07)

CLICK:   Memo dated February 27, 2007 to Council from the Auditor concerning proposed salary increase of City Auditor.  (3/7/07)

CLICK:  #07-032  Letter to Council dated March 6, 2007 suggesting Council require the Mayor to manage the City's resources and recommend which line items may be amended to reflect reductions in the ten (10) month appropriation ordinance prior to the March 12, 2007 Regular City Council Meeting.  (3/6/07)

CLICK:  #07-030  Letter to Council members suggesting that Council conduct an additional Budget Meeting next week prior to the March 12, 2007 Regular City Council Meeting.  (2/28/07)  

CLICK:    Auditor supplied an Analysis of Garage Expenses dated February 7, 2007 for review by City Council.  (2/10/07)

CLICK:    Solicitor supplied City Council information from the City of Kent dated January 18, 2007 in which the City Council requested their Solicitor to pursue a change in legislation at the State level regarding the ability of a municipality in Ohio to implement a Citywide "sin" tax.  (2/10/07)

CLICK:    Public Service Director supplied Council on September 13, 2006 a year-end report for the McKinley Pool expenditures and the quantity of Public Service Department 2006 Weed Complaints.  (2/10/07)  

CLICK:    Auditor supplied the Amended Official Certificate of Estimated Resources for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2006 and January 1, 2007 to Council January 29, 2007.  (2/8/07)

CLICK:    Auditor supplied revised General Fund Revenues for Council dated January 29, 2007. (2/1/07)

CLICK:    Auditor supplied Payroll Charge-Off Summaries for Council dated January 29, 2007. (2/1/07)  

CLICK:    Comments and questions dated January 27, 2007 in preparation for the January 29, 2007 Budget Meeting and Notes taken during the Budget Meeting.  (2/1/07)

CLICK:    Corrected copy of the Public Utilities - Flood Defense pages delivered at the January 29, 2007 Budget Meeting by the Mayor.  (2/1/07)

CLICK:    Proposed 2007 Operating Budget submitted to Council January 27, 2007. (2/1/07)

CLICK:    City Clerk Memo dated November 15, 2006 to City Council with an attached copy of the 2007 Legislative Department Budget that has been submitted to the Mayor.  (11/25/06)

CLICK:    Auditor Memo dated October 25, 2006 to the Mayor and copied to Council concerning projected 2007 revenues from the General Fund, Enterprise Fund, all other funds including estimated carryover balances.  (11/12/06) 

CLICK:    Memo dated September 5, 2006 from the Mayor implementing fuel usage and conservation measures effective immediately.  (9/10/06)

CLICK:    Memo dated June 26, 2006 from the City Auditor concerning Indigent Legal Fees. (7/12/06)

CLICK:    Memo to the Mayor from the City Clerk requesting 2006 CIP Funds for Digital Recording Equipment. (4/7/06) 

CLICK:    Proposed Income Tax Re-Allocation suggested by the Auditor. (3/10/06)

CLICK:    City of Portsmouth Elected Official Salaries/Increases by the Auditor. (3/10/06)

CLICK:    February 3, 2006 Final Amended Official Certificate of Estimated Resources for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2005, as revised by the Office of the Budget Commission of Scioto County, State of Ohio submitted to City Council from the Auditor.  (2/19/06)

CLICK:   Mayor delivered copy of Revolving Loan Fund Administration Agreement between the State of Ohio, Department of Development and the City of Portsmouth, Ohio.  (1/07/06)

CLICK: Solicitor Memo dated January 3, 2006 concerning Application for Real Property Tax Exemption and Remission.  (1/07/06)

CLICK: Auditor Memo dated December 28, 2005 Receipt of Performance Bonds; Copy of Official Bond File.  (1/07/06)

CLICK:  2004 Audit of Internal Control over Financial Reporting based on Financial Statements of the City of Portsmouth for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2004.  Audit performed by Balestra, Harr & Scherer, CPAs, Inc. 528 South West Street, Piketon, Ohio 45661

City Building

CLICK:    Memo from the Solicitor dated July 31, 2007 to the Mayor documenting the exchange of real estate with Joseph W. Babcock, et ux.  (9/9/07)

CLICK:    Letter to Council dated June 28, 2007 from Maddox-NBD Architecture of Dublin, Ohio informing of interest designing New Portsmouth City Building.  (7/19/07) 

CLICK:    City Building Committee Final Report dated December 11, 2006.  (12/15/06)

CLICK:    Study of the former Adelphia Building for the proposed Portsmouth Police Department submitted to Council by the Mayor on April 24, 2006.  (4/25/06)

Marting Issues

CLICK:   Scioto County Common Pleas Court Agreed Judgment Entry dated November 28, 2007 concerning attorney fees.  (12/8/07) 

CLICK:   Scioto County Common Pleas Court Judgment Entry dated August 15, 2007 which awarded Summary Judgment to the Plaintiffs (Teresa Mollette, et al.)  (12/8/07)

CLICK:   Memo from a citizen to the Mayor and Council suggesting an idea for the use of the Marting Building.  (4/23/07)

CLICK:    Memo from the Solicitor dated November 30, 2006 to City Council concerning the Court of Appeals Decision - Mollette v. Portsmouth City Council Case No. 05-CA-3051.   (12/10/06)

CLICK:     Memo dated June 6, 2006 from the City Solicitor informing of the Mollette vs. City Council - Court of Appeals date of August 3, 2006 at 9:30 a.m. in the Scioto County Court of Appeals Courtroom before presiding Judge Harsha and Judges Abele and Kline.  (6/11/06)

CLICK:  Solicitor Memo dated January 4, 2006 concerning the Mollette v Portsmouth City Council.  (1/07/06)

CLICK:     ORDINANCE No. 33 of 2004 (relating to Marting Building Renovation)

CLICK:     ORDINANCE No. 69 of 2005 (relating to Marting Building Renovation)


CLICK:    Public Service Director supplied cash flow forecast with yearly totals dated November 10, 2008 to City council for rate increase assessment.  (11/12/08)

CLICK:    Public Service Director delivered the Sanitation Rate Increase Information for review at the December 11, 2006 Regular City Council Meeting.  (12/15/06)

Spartan Stadium

CLICK:  Letter from M-E Companies dated September 17, 2007 concerning a visual inspection requested by the Mayor of Spartan Stadium visitor's bleachers which occurred on Monday, September 10, 2007.  (9/20/07)  

CLICK:  Letter from the PCSD Superintendent dated September 14, 2007 to the Mayor expressing concern with respect to the current condition of the visitor's bleachers at Spartan Stadium.  (9/17/07) 

CLICK:  Letter from the Mayor dated August 31, 2007 to the Portsmouth City School District.  (9/17/07) 

CLICK:  Letter from Lauro Engineering dated August 31, 2007 to the Mayor concerning the visitor side bleachers revisited August 30, 2007.  (9/17/07)

CLICK:  Letter from Howerton Engineering & Surveying PLLC dated August 30, 2007 to the Public Service Director concerning preliminary observation of conditions of the visitor's bleachers of Spartan Stadium.  (9/17/07)

CLICK:  Letter from PCSD Superintendent dated March 7, 2007 to the Mayor requesting action on Spartan Stadium structural engineer's report emailed to the Mayor on January 26, 2007.  The structural engineer's report highlighted the possibility of PCB's in and around the transformer under the main stadium and the visitor bleachers were reported beyond repair and considered unsafe.  (3/10/07)

CLICK:  Structural Investigation of Spartan Stadium dated January 19, 2007 by Lewis Engineering Consulting Structural Engineers.  (9/17/07) 

CLICK:  Letter from Lewis Engineering, Inc. dated December 21, 2006 to the PCSD Superintendent concerning the structural investigation of Spartan Stadium.  (9/17/07)

Portsmouth City School District

Public Forum by the Portsmouth City School District McKinley & Roosevelt School Property Rezoning Thursday July 27, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. New Portsmouth High School.

CLICK:    Copy of resident signatures provided requesting the City Planning Commission not to rezone the McKinley School property.  (7/22/06)

Thanks to all that attended the PCSD Forum 7/27/06!!

CLICK:  Agenda for June 20, 2006 City Planning Commission Meeting

CLICK:  Partial Related Zoning Ordinances for McKinley and Roosevelt School Property

CLICK: "School Board dispels rumors" by PDT Staff Writer 6/6/06

CLICK:  Letter (1) dated 6-13-06 from a concerned 3rd Ward Resident (6/17/06)

CLICK:  Letter (2) dated 6-13-06 from a concerned 3rd Ward Resident (6/17/06)

CLICK:  Portsmouth City School District (PCSD) Informal Meeting on vacated sites held June 29, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. (7/2/06)

CLICK:  PCSD letter dated June 29, 2006 from Superintendent (7/2/06)

Shawnee State University

CLICK:    Attended Shawnee State University (SSU) informational meeting for public officials.  This meeting was conducted by Susan Warsaw of SSU to provide information concerning the future planning by SSU.  The program is called "Poised for Tomorrow." (5/29/06)

New Boston Coke

CLICK:     Solicitor Memo dated March 27, 2007 to the Assistant Attorney General concerning required environmental investigations for the proposed site designated for the MIEX Water Treatment Plant. (4/21/07) 

CLICK:     Solicitor Memo dated February 27, 2007 to the Mayor and copied to Council members stating allegations in the attached Answer of the State of Ohio should be addressed.  Solicitor requested action on what steps the City has taken with respect to environmental investigations and plans for any necessary remediation in as to the 2.18 acres.  (2/28/07) 

CLICK:     Solicitor Memo dated November 15, 2006 to the Mayor and copied to City Council  concerning the purchase of a portion of the former New Boston Coke Corporation property by the City of Portsmouth requiring unpaid real estate taxes on the 2.8 acres to be paid by the City of Portsmouth.  (11/25/06) 

CLICK:    Letter dated March 17, 2006 from the attorney handling the New Boston Coke Company property that the City has requested to purchase for the new MIEX Water Treatment Plant.  (3/28/06)

CLICK:    Ohio EPA request dated March 20, 2006 to the Mayor recommending soil samples on the new property purchased adjacent to Portsmouth Water Filtration Plant for the MIEX Treatment System.  (3/26/06)

Portsmouth Police Department

On September 28, 2009 the Mayor requested Council members to recess following the opening of the Council Meeting in order to view the interior and exterior of the Juvenile Detention Center at 526 5th Street for the potential relocation of the Portsmouth Police Department.  The facility would also be open to the general public attending the meeting but was not advertised.  A motion for a recess was not made.  (10/10/09) 
CLICK:  Proposed Relocation of the Police Department 

  Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City of Portsmouth and Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 33 from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008.  (11/23/07) 

CLICK:  Letter from Scioto County Sheriff dated November 5, 2007 to City Council concerning 2008 Renewal Contract to supply security to the Portsmouth Municipal Court.  (11/10/07) 

CLICK:  Citizen Anti-Prostitution Petitions delivered to the October 8, 2007 Regular City Council Meeting.  (10/20/07)

CLICK:  2007 Renewal Contract dated March 8, 2007 between City of Portsmouth and the Scioto County Sheriff's Department to provide protection of witnesses, victims, spectators, inmates, and court personnel at the Portsmouth Municipal Court.  (3/23/07).

CLICK:    Letter received concerning Police Tax Increase and the management of those resources. (2/18/06)

Portsmouth Police Department proposed Tax Levy & Drug/Major Crime/Gang Task Force Report was received Friday 2/10/06.  (2/12/06)
CLICK:    Contents
CLICK:    Portsmouth Police Department Staffing Level
CLICK:    Salary Comparisons
CLICK:    Crime
CLICK:    Uniform Crime Report Crime Index
CLICK:    Drugs/Major Crime/Gangs
CLICK:    Drug Task Force Concept
CLICK:    Local Drug Task Force
CLICK:    Drug Task Force vs PPD Drug Unit
CLICK:    Cost Projections and Funding
CLICK:    Conclusions  
Please review, question, and comment as needed to understand this requested proposed tax increase. (2/19/06)

CLICK: Solicitor Memo dated January 4, 2006 concerning the Codified Ordinance Section 705.30 (Dealers in Firearms and Ammunition; Fee; Records and Reports)  (1/07/06)

CLICK:  Ohio Division of Liquor Control "Notice to Legislative Authority" Received November 22, 2005. (11/29/05)

CLICK:  2006 Renewal Contract between City of Portsmouth and the Scioto County Sheriff's Department to the Portsmouth Municipal Court for the protection of witnesses, victims, spectators, inmates, and court personnel (Correspondence dated 11/18/05).
Based on discussion by the Mayor and Police Chief on Item 7a of the Legislative Agenda the City is not anticipating renewing this Contract but will perform with retired part-time City employees.  I requested a PLAN for Council review to intelligently authorize and appropriate this PLAN. (11/28/05)

Main Street

CLICK:     Portsmouth's Downtown Revitalization Plan dated September 6, 2007 submitted by the Community Development Department.  (9/9/07) 

CLICK:     Main Street Portsmouth Information Letter - Summer 2007 Edition  (9/9/07)

CLICK:     Main Street Portsmouth Business Networking Breakfast for Thursday April 26, 2007. (4/7/07)

CLICK:     Portsmouth-Scioto County Visitors Bureau Board Meeting June 15, 2006 at Scioto County Welcome Center.  (6/25/06)

CLICK:  DART Report - Main Street Ohio (Complete) dated 6-2005

CLICK:  DART Report - Main Street Ohio (Condensed) dated 6-2005


CLICK:   1995 Summary Recommendations of the Charter Review Committee

Traffic Committee

CLICK:   October 13, 2009 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (10/24/09)

CLICK:   September 8, 2009 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (9/27/09)

CLICK:   July 14, 2009 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (7/25/09)

CLICK:   April 14, 2009 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (4/24/09)

    December 9, 2008 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (12/21/08)

CLICK:    August 12, 2008 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (8/24/08)

CLICK:    May 13, 2008 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (5/25/08)

CLICK:    March 11, 2008 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (3/13/08)

CLICK:    October 9, 2007 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (10/20/07)

CLICK:    August 13, 2007 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (8/25/07)

CLICK:    July 10, 2007 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (7/19/07)

CLICK:    Letter from the Director of Public Service Christopher Murphy dated June 28, 2007 to the members of Council informing of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Safety Engineering Study along US 23 and US 52 which accessed safety conditions and recommended solutions.  (7/11/07)

CLICK:    REPORT --- US 23 and US 52 Safety Engineering Study (Revised June 2007) containing 35 pages of the Study. (7/9/07)

CLICK:    May 8, 2007 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  Within the minutes discussion occurred concerning the reported difficulty accessing Coles Boulevard from Forrest Heights.  It may be a combination of early morning traffic and excessive speed.  This issue will be discussed further at the next meeting.  (5/12/07)

CLICK:    April 10, 2007 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  Within the minutes discussion occurred concerning the reported unsafe traffic condition at the intersection of Buena Vista Lane and Simpson Street.  (4/21/07)

CLICK:    March 13, 2007 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  Within these minutes a reported unsafe traffic condition at the intersection of Buena Vista Lane and Simpson Street was discussed with Captain Thoroughman and Fire Department to evaluate safety concerns and make a recommendation to the Traffic Committee at the next meeting.  (3/23/07) 

CLICK:    February 20, 2007 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  Within these minutes discussion occurs concerning the parking and storage of vehicles at 3224 Simpson, 1206 and 1204 Buena Vista Lane.  It also includes reported safety concerns on Coles Boulevard, Sherman Road, Forrest Avenue and traffic light at Gilbert Avenue.  (2/28/07)

CLICK:    February 21, 2006 City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes.  (2/25/06)

CLICK:   City of Portsmouth Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes from the December 21, 2005. (1/07/06)

CLICK:  Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes November 15, 2005.
Thanks to the Traffic Committee for their consideration to resolve the documented safety concern in the alley between Kinneys Lane and 18th Street near Wurster Drugs.  I look forward to their resolution to this concern.  It was noted the Police should be contacted to take enforcement action on illegally parked vehicles.......most may not know if it is not posted because it does not look like an alley.  Also informed Council the Traffic Committee is requesting Council to check on Ordinances and prepare legislation to better regulate the number of loading zones.  I requested the Mayor to invite Traffic Committee members to a Council Meeting so Council will be better informed of the issue. (11/28/05)

Code Enforcement

CLICK:    Discussion information dated March 9, 2009 from the Portsmouth City Health Department on proposals to enhance programs.  (3/10/09) 

    Memo dated October 17, 2007 from the Mayor providing information concerning a rental regulation program.  (10/20/07)

CLICK:     Memo dated July 3, 2006 from the Mayor implementing new code enforcement policy.  (7/12/06)

CLICK:    Memo dated June 23, 2006 from the Mayor to Council requesting immediate response to the letter concerning the Rental Licensing Program.  (6/25/06)

CLICK:     February 23, 2006 Memo from the Mayor to Council informing of a request for Demolition of Structure located at the corner of 14th Street and Waller Street.  (2/25/06)

Fire Department

CLICK:     Retirement of City of Portsmouth Fire Department Fire Chief Robert A. Storey effective at 0800 hours on July 5, 2006. (7/12/06)

Contractor Registration

CLICK:  Contractor Registration information supplied to Council. (1/14/07) 

Planning Commission

CLICK:      City Planning Commission February 17, 2009 MINUTES.  (3/7/09)

CLICK:   City Planning Commission April 15, 2008 Minutes.  (11/10/08)

CLICK:   City Planning Commission October 16, 2007 Minutes.  (11/10/07)

CLICK:   City Planning Commission September 18, 2007 Meeting Agenda. (9/9/07)

CLICK:   City Planning Commission May 15, 2007 Meeting Agenda. (5/12/07)

CLICK:   City Planning Commission March 20, 2007 Minutes. (4/7/07)

CLICK:   City Planning Commission October 17, 2006 Minutes. (11/12/06)

CLICK:   City Planning Commission October 18, 2005 Minutes

CLICK:   City Planning Commission (Special Meeting) Minutes

Zoning Board of Appeals

CLICK:     August 19, 2006 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting AGENDA.  (8/19/08)

CLICK:     August 15, 2006 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes.  (9/10/06)

CLICK:     April 18, 2006 Minutes for the Zoning Board of Appeals. (5/6/06)

CLICK:    Zoning Board of Appeals October 18, 2005 Minutes

Nuisance Board of Appeals

CLICK:    Nuisance Notice dated 7/14/07 to 1537 Robinson Avenue. (7/25/09)

     September 16, 2008 Nuisance Board of Appeals Agenda.  (9/5/08)

CLICK:    October 16, 2006 Nuisance Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes. (11/10/07)

CLICK:     Nuisance Notice dated 10/15/07 to 1225 Albert Street. (11/10/07)

CLICK:     Nuisance Notice dated 10/31/06 to 1323 Lincoln Street. (11/12/06)

CLICK:     Nuisance Notice dated 9/21/06 to 1647 Robinson Avenue. (9/23/06)

CLICK:     Nuisance Notice dated 9/14/06 to 1663 Highland Avenue. (9/23/06)

CLICK:     Nuisance Notice dated 9/21/06 to 1812 Highland Avenue. (9/23/06)

CLICK:     August 15, 2006 Nuisance Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes. (9/10/06)

CLICK:     July 18, 2006 Nuisance Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes. (8/13/06)

CLICK:    Nuisance Board of Appeals October 18, 2005 Minutes

CLICK:  Engineering Department Notice of Identified property @ 1722 Baird Avenue is Public Nuisance after inspection by the City of Portsmouth dated November 15, 2005.
I requested the Mayor to keep me informed of the status of this 3rd Ward Issue. (11/28/05)

Water Filtration Plant

CLICK:     Annual Water Quality Report from water testing performed in 2006 presented by the City of Portsmouth Filtration Plant (PWS ID#: 7300111)  (9/9/07)

Wastewater Treatment Plant

CLICK:    Agreement dated April 17, 1991 between the Village of New Boston and the City of Portsmouth to handle sanitary sewer wastewater.  (3/7/09)

     Memo dated September 25, 2006 from the Mayor to the Director of Wastewater requesting a review of the current sludge disposal process and compare other municipalities costs.  (9/27/06)

CLICK:    Ohio EPA Compliance Inspection at the City of Portsmouth Lawson Run Wastewater Treatment Plant dated October 6, 2005 . (12/1/05)


CLICK:  Proposed Combined Sewer Overflow - Long Term Control Plan (CSO-LTCP) dated July 1, 2009 as prepared by Strand Associates, Inc.  This plan has been revised from the September 19, 2006 Ohio EPA submission.  This copy was provided to Council at the July 27, 2009 Regular City Council Meeting by the Wastewater Director.  (8/9/09)


CLICK:    Memo from the Solicitor dated August 27, 2007 to City Council documenting the transfer of deed for the Southern Ohio Museum and Notice of Commencement for Ameresco.  (9/9/07)

CLICK:   Committee Meeting minutes with City of Portsmouth dated January 31, 2007 concerning Ameresco proposed engineering projects water meters, lighting retrofit, HVAC, and other items.  (3/7/07)

Greenlawn Cemetery

CLICK:   Letter from the St. Mary of the Annunciation Parish and Parish Council dated February 28, 2007 to City Council requesting actions to resolve our vested interest in keeping the cemetery safe and secure for all who have loved ones interred at Greenlawn.  (3/10/07)  

Southern Ohio Museum

CLICK:    Memo from the Solicitor dated August 27, 2007 to City Council documenting the transfer of deed for the Southern Ohio Museum and Notice of Commencement for Ameresco.  (9/9/07)  

CLICK:   Letter dated March 5, 2007 to the Solicitor from a citizen requesting Public Records concerning the documents related to the transfer of property from the Security Central National Bank of Portsmouth to the City of Portsmouth, Ohio.  (3/7/07)

Time Warner Cable

CLICK:    Letter from Time Warner Cable dated November 26, 2008 to the City Clerk as to ongoing efforts to keep subscribers in the community apprised of recent developments.  (12/6/08) 

    Memo from Time Warner to the City of Portsmouth dated July 30, 2008 to describe the company's efforts surrounding the impending Digital Television transition February 17, 2009.  (8/9/08)

CLICK:    Memo from the City Solicitor dated December 18, 2007 to City Council with status of Video Service (CATV) Franchise and signed Senate Bill 117.  (12/26/07)

CLICK:    Letter from Time Warner Cable dated November 26, 2007 to the City Clerk announcing over the past year services implemented and/or are planning in the future a number of enhancements to their quality products and service. (12/8/07) 

CLICK:    Letter from Time Warner Cable dated October 2, 2007 to the City Clerk concerning a rate change notification with a copy of FCC Form 1205 related to their equipment and installation charges.  (10/7/07)

CLICK:    Letter from the Solicitor dated April 6, 2007 concerning the effect on CATV franchises in Ohio Senate Bill 117.  (4/7/07)

CLICK:    Letter from Time Warner Cable dated March 6, 2007 informing of recent major conversion of customer billing system.  (3/23/07)

CLICK:    Letter from Time Warner Cable dated January 29, 2007 informing of the Save Our History Awards in recognition of efforts to raise awareness and support for preserving local heritage, landmarks, sites and artifacts with community impact.  (2/10/07) 

CLICK:    Memo dated February 9, 2007 from the Solicitor to Council requesting direction regarding previous CATV consultants Walter and Haverfield in reference to the Time Warner Notice of renewal of its cable television franchise.  (2/10/07) 

CLICK:    Certified Mail dated February 1, 2007 to the City Clerk informing Time Warner Cable is hereby giving notice that it seeks renewal of its cable television franchise for the City of Portsmouth, Ohio.  (2/10/07)

CLICK:    Notification of possible programming change dated October 31, 2006 from Time Warner Cable.  Depending on the progress of ongoing negotiations Time Warner Cable may be forced to discontinue carriage of WSAZ TV3 from Huntington in the near future.  (11/12/06)

CLICK:    Franchise Agreement signed November 1, 1999 to Provide Cable Television Services between the City of Portsmouth and Century Ohio Cable Television Corp. (a corporation organized under the laws of Delaware)(d/b/a Adelphia Cable Communications) (2/25/06)

CLICK:   January 25, 2006 Objection to Adelphia Notice of Proposed Retention to City Council from the City Solicitor.  (2/19/06)

CLICK:   February 1, 2006 Tax Exemption for 807 Washington Street (Adelphia Building) Memo from City Solicitor to the Auditor. (2/19/06)

CLICK:   Solicitor Memo dated January 4, 2006 concerning the Adelphia Bankruptcy & Transfer Issues.  (1/07/06)

CLICK:   Adelphia Letter (10/10/05) to Mayor concerning additional Community Institutional Network Connections.

CLICK:  Time Warner "Good Standing Certificate" received November 22, 2005



Miscellaneous Memo's

CLICK:  Memo from the Community Development Director dated February 27, 2009 with a copy of the press release concerning City Stimulus and Appropriations Requests submitted for consideration with Senator Brown and Senator Voinovich.  (3/7/09)

   Notification dated February 18, 2009 to City Clerk appraising that Community Properties of Ohio Development, LCC will be the General Partner of a residential development with plans to utilize the multifamily funding programs of the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) for development of the property located at 700 Second Street in Portsmouth.  (2/21/09)  

   List of City of Portsmouth Committee Members revised December 20, 2007.  (12/26/07)

CLICK:   Memo from the Solicitor dated May 25, 2007 concerning the Steven E. Nagel vs. Charles H. Horner et al Court Case in the Scioto County Common Pleas Courts.  (5/27/07) 

CLICK:   Memo from the City Clerk dated May 25, 2007 concerning vicious dogs within the City.  (5/27/07) 

CLICK:   Memo from the Mayor's Office dated May 1, 2007 reminding all City employees the Ohio Statewide Smoking Ban will begin to be enforced as of May 3, 2007.  (5/12/07) 

CLICK:   Example for Speaking Before Council from Hilliard, Ohio supplied to Council for information purposes.  (4/21/07)

CLICK:   Memo from Councilman dated April 4, 2007 requesting consideration to change to the Rules of Council concerning the "statements from citizens on items not on the agenda".  (4/7/07)

CLICK:   Memo from the Solicitor dated March 29, 2007 to Council stating the requirements per the City Charter to request an investigation of Council members.  (4/2/07)

CLICK:   Memo from the Neighbor to Neighbor Ministries, Inc. of Portsmouth, Ohio received by our City Clerk on March 14, 2007.  (3/23/07)

CLICK:   Memo dated March 5, 2007 to the Mayor, Auditor, and News Media from the Solicitor concerning the atmosphere at City Council Meetings.  (3/6/07)

CLICK:   Memo dated March 5, 2007 to the Mayor from the City Building Official concerning the Columbia Music Hall in response to implications of wrongdoing and mistreatment by the Engineering and Fire Departments.  (3/6/07) 

CLICK:   Letter received February 12, 2007 by the City Clerk from the Community Action Organization informing the political jurisdiction of the residential rehabilitation development project address at 700 Second Street Portsmouth, Ohio.  (2/25/07)

CLICK:   Information packet sent to Council, Mayor, Clerk, and Auditor concerning the Miss Portsmouth/ Miss Scioto Valley Scholarship Program in the November 13, 2006 City Council Packet.  (11/12/06)

CLICK:     Wednesday June 21, 2006 at 11:00 a.m. Boarder Line Skate Shop will have a "Wild in the Streets 06" Event at 719 Chillicothe Street.  (6/11/06)

CLICK:     Received information in June 12, 2006 Council Packet with citizen Mr. Bill Glockner expressing grave concern with the Floodwall Stars.  (6/11/06)

CLICK:    Received "Wal*Mart Watch" letter as 3rd Ward Council member dated May 22, 2006.  (5/29/06)

CLICK:   February 24, 2006 Memo from the City Clerk to Council informing of the status of a City Motto. (2/25/06)

CLICK:     February 16, 2006 Memo informing of New City Prosecutor from the City Solicitor. (2/25/06)

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